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Martin A. Weinstein


Mr. Weinstein has 43 years of senior experience in the securities investment business, including seven years as a Research Analyst/Director of Research and three years working on acquisitions for a group of public companies under common control.


From January 1979 until March 1984, Mr. Weinstein was Vice President and co-manager of the Risk Arbitrage Department of Salomon Brothers Inc. where the dollar value of investment positions frequently aggregated nearly $1 billion. While at Salomon Brothers, Mr. Weinstein worked closely with the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Department in developing strategies for some of the world's largest business enterprises. His particular area of expertise was advising clients engaged in hostile transactions; valuing securities to be issued in M&A transactions; and advising clients on self-tenders, corporate repurchases, and market reactions to various transactions. He left Salomon Brothers in March 1984 to form Comdisco Equities, Inc., a risk arbitrage and securities Investment Company.


Mr. Weinstein served as Chairman, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of Comdisco Equities from its inception in March 1984 with $25 million in equity capital. Through profit generation and additional contributions, Comdisco Equities was managing over $300 million in equity capital at September 30, 1987, making it one of the largest and most successful independent securities trading firms at that time.


Lehigh University awarded Mr. Weinstein BA and MBA degrees, where he served as a teaching assistant in Corporate Finance. He has taught risk arbitrage at the New York Institute of Finance and authored the risk arbitrage chapter appearing in The Encyclopedia of Investments published by Warren, Gorham, and Lamont, and edited by Marshall E. Blume of the Wharton School. Mr. Weinstein resides with his wife in New York City.

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