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Law Firm Business Advisory Services

Oxbridge Financial Group offers innovative financial, operational and business development services to law firms.


Drawing upon its extensive corporate finance experience combined with knowledge gained from managing  loans to over 50 plaintiff law firms,  the Oxbridge team has created unique financial and operational evaluation methods plus strategic planning tools to improve its clients' profitability, productivity and long-term stability.

The Oxbridge team will conduct an in-depth study of its client's general office and financial operations; create a specific plan for the upgrade of these operating units; and then supervise the implementation of the plan.  Oxbridge Management helps a law firm go beyond the static, financial picture of the firm offered by accountants, to create a dynamic model of where the firm is headed and formulate changes which can be made to improve its future business performance.  

With each client, Oxbridge Management strives to maximize the time the firm’s principals have to process cases and increase their portfolio, while reducing the time they must spend managing the business of their firm. Oxbridge also focuses on obtaining sufficient financing for the client, increasing and improving the value of the firm's case portfolio; and optimizing the firm's operational infrastructure.


Learn more about Oxbridge services:

Oxbridge can help your firm with

  • short-term financing,

  • management reorganizations,

  • real estate and vendor negotiations,

  • personnel changes,

  • co-counsel joint venture negotiations,

  • and many other management and financial issues

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