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Investment Banking Services

Oxbridge Financial Group dispenses practical, goal-oriented counsel to its clients.


Oxbridge Financial LLC is a financial advisory firm focused on mid-cap and micro-cap public and private companies with annual revenues ranging from $50 million to $300 million. Oxbridge specializes in advising law firms, auto parts aftermarket manufacturers and distributors, and technology firms.   Oxbridge Financial offers general corporate finance services, international trade financing solutions, and short term bridge and mezzanine finance.   It assists companies in financial services, real estate, consumer products, health services, and transportation industries.


The Oxbridge Financial team has extensive experience in identifying optimal sources of debt and equity financing, arranging acquisitions and dispositions of assets, and performing valuations and fairness opinions. Oxbridge has a comprehensive understanding of the lending parameters and investment criteria of each of the institutions with which it deals.  Based on these relationships, Oxbridge is able to advise clients on the optimal capital sources relevant to their specific transaction and then prepare the required information in the appropriate format.


Oxbridge Financial maintains a limited number of clients to ensure that each has constant access to senior management.  Oxbridge Financial strives to secure clients with whom it will maintain long-term relationships and who are optimally positioned to benefit from its understanding of their business requirements.


Using the services of Oxbridge Financial, business leaders and their staff are free to focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of their company as they leave investment banking projects and management advisement in the hands of experienced professionals.

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