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Law Firm Business Advisory Services


Operational and Business Development

Business Development – Whether you are starting a new firm, merging with another firm, or negotiating partnership agreements, Oxbridge has the expertise to help you with your business development.  Oxbridge also has extensive experience assisting law firm principals develop additional business goals to the running of their firm.


Case Management – Oxbridge provides solutions for accurately tracking expenses and timing of expected revenue. Keeping in mind the needs of the firm and the needs of its clients, Oxbridge sets up effective tracking of the progress of and the collection of receipts from co-counsel activities.


Employee Organization – Oxbridge considers if the number and the skill sets of individuals employed are correct and effectively divided.  Oxbridge also considers the firm's remuneration policies, as well as work outsourcing choices. This evaluation results in recommendations for maximizing employee retention and developing a stable and productive team of employees.


Division of Management Responsibilities – The manner in which operations are divided between members of the firm’s management can sometimes be a difficult discussion for the individuals involved.   Oxbridge will assist management members in reviewing their sharing of responsibilities.


Vendor Relationships – Oxbridge will call upon its experience with law firms to identify cost saving strategies for choosing and negotiating with vendors.  

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