Christopher Hiller


Mr. Hiller is a senior steel professional with over 25 years experience as an operator of integrated and mini-mill steel mills in the United States, Africa and the Caribbean Basin. Mr. Hiller began his career as a metallurgical engineer at Armco, Inc. in 1977. His substantial expertise and senior operational experience includes management of Armco’s state of the art, twin-strand continuous slab caster producing 1.8 million tons per year; vice president of the Nucor Steel Nebraska facility, a 700,000 ton MBQ/SBQ steel plant; and vice president of Birmingham Steel, a 500,000 ton bar facility in Cartersville, Georgia. Mr. Hiller is a founder and managing director of Pinnacle Steel LLC, a steel management company for distressed and mining assets. 


Mr. Hiller received a Bachelors of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1977. He resides in Rome, Georgia with his wife.

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