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Frederick L. Gorsetman

Managing Member

Mr. Gorsetman has been involved over the last 40 years in virtually every aspect of the securities and lending industry, as a bond trader, syndicate manager and investment banker. He has managed, co-managed or participated in the sale or placement of debt and equity securities in the aggregate valued in excess of US $15 billion. Since the early 80’s, Mr. Gorsetman has devoted his professional energies toward enhancing the growth and profitability of mid-market companies. He has developed numerous creative financing structures for mid-sized issuers involving asset securitization, “first loss” letter of credit and general credit enhancement programs. Working in tandem with the Standard & Poor’s Corporation, Mr. Gorsetman has successfully structured and placed hundreds of millions of dollars of investmend grade, rated, conventional whole loans to national and institutional financial institutions.


In 1983, Mr. Gorsetman founded and managed the Investment Banking Division of Wm. E. Pollock, at its time the fourth largest primary government bond dealer in the United States. As a shareholder and senior vice president, he supervised all of the firm's activities relating to the origination, structure and placement of new issue corporate and municipal securities. In 1989, together with Harold S. Geneen, the former Chairman of ITT and Stewart Flaschen, the former Chief Scientist of ITT, Mr. Gorsetman established Oxbridge Incorporated, a boutique investment-banking company located in New York City. As president of Oxbridge, Mr. Gorsetman provided strategic management and financial advisory services to mid-market domestic companies with sales between $50 and $500 million. His duties included the evaluation, structure and private placement of equity and debt securities. Over the years, Mr. Gorsetman has successfully represented an unusually large number of start-up, small and mid-size domestic companies engaged in various and disparate activities, including technology, finance, aerospace, telecom, media, food, entertainment, industry, recycling and real estate. Mr. Gorsetman is co-managing director of Oxbridge Financial Group LLC.


Mr. Gorsetman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree from Yeshiva University. He resides in Riverdale, New York with his wife, the author Chaya Gorsetman.

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