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International Trade Finance Services

Improve Your International Purchasing Power with Oxbridge Financial Group's International Trade Finance Services


Oxbridge Financial Group can help you improve your cash flow with import and export financing services. Access funding solutions for your purchases by making funds readily available to both the seller and the buyer. Discover financing solutions which don't require expensive infrastructure and logistics departments. Benefit from a Credit Protection Program which protects you from extending credit to customers who cannot pay, and a trade finance service which provides negotiation power with your suppliers for better terms and prices.


Full-service non-recourse credit, insured international factoring cash-flow solutions


Improved purchase negotiation powers


Instant access to cash for your international accounts receivable (AR)

International ARs are commonly under utilized assets. Your accounts receivable serve as collateral, and loans are made on a percentage of eligible assets pledged. Because your credit is based on the volume and quality of business you’re doing now and in the future, you can count on having immediate access to an expandable source of funds to accommodate growth.


International credit and collection services

International credit risk is magnified in today’s global economic conditions. Benefit from a full-service international credit department which monitors the credit worthiness of your international customers, assumes full credit risk on approved sales, and performs bookkeeping and collection work.

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